Who we are

SonderJansen is an international importer, exporter and producer of frozen fruit and vegetables, focussed on supplying the food manufacturing market. From our head office in the Netherlands and our branch offices in Poland and Serbia we source top quality fruit and vegetables from countries all over the world. In Poland and Serbia we also own two production sites.

What we can do for you

SonderJansen’s reliable supplies of top quality IQF frozen fruit and vegetables provide stability and continuity for your production lines. Thanks to our thorough understanding of the system of markets, weather and harvests we are able to respond effectively to changes in supply and demand and to maintain consistent supplies for our customers, in all seasons. We stock so you don’t have to.

fruit and vegetables are part of our nature

Our business philosophy

SonderJansen’s long-term focus is not limited to stock management, but also applies to how we interact with our customers. Building partnerships is at the heart of how we operate. Our motivation is to do everything we can to anticipate and meet your business needs for fruit and vegetables. To give you the security of regular supplies of the highest possible quality, at guaranteed prices.